East Saxony's largest geek gathering and bringing-free-software-to-the-people initiative Linux-Info-Tag will be hosted once again at Technische Universität Dresden on November 8, a Saturday. We expect a couple hundred people to join us on that day.

Linux-Info-Tag Dresden 2008

This year's highlights include an OpenStreetMap mapping tour through our zoo, and the distribution of free CDs with free-as-in-speech music. I've already ordered a replacement adapter for my N810 since the original one broke.

We also offer many talks, workshops, project and information booths, a key signing party, an install party and several additional goodies. Among the projects, Kubuntu, OpenOffice.org, Wikipedia, KDE and Debian are probably the most well-known ones. Python is the project with the strongest presence this year, however.

The calendar(1) command does not contain a lot of information about events which happened on an eighth of November. It does, however, include the following gem: En novembre, s'il tonne, l'année sera bonne. Truth has been spoken, for our event will rumble for sure!