Last Friday, January 30, Dominik Haumann and me went from Darmstadt to Frankfurt am Main to join the KDE 4.2 Release Party in the Brotfabrik. It wasn't the biggest such event, but had a nice mix of users and contributors, of locals and guests.

I had my N810 with me, which was unfortunately out of battery that evening, as well as a similarly-spec'd subnotebook which proves that the latest KDE compiles and runs just fine on a 400 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM. Not fast as light, but a lot more usable than it might appear at first.

The photo below shows, in clock-wise order starting from the lower left: Meinhard, Andreas (openSUSE website guy), Manuel (Quassel IRC client guy), Claudia (e.V. office), Jens-Michael (Marble hacker), Isabel (Linux-something, sorry can't decipher, and not visible on this photo), Andreas (a KDE-Win32 user), Thomas (DE-CIX), Lukas (Linux Lancers captain), Alex (of CMake fame), Dominik (of Kate fame), myself and Michael (KHotKeys). Aren't they a great bunch of people whom you'd entrust the fate of your desktop? (At least compared to making informed decisions about buying cameras which handle perspectives correctly, ahem.)

KDE 4.2 Release Party in Frankfurt am Main