The Dynvoker packaging metadata was about two years old. I've added the WADL4J package and updated all the others to version 0.3+20090814. Installing Dynvoker on a Debian-based system is now a matter of about five minutes again. The repo will be updated shortly with the new packages. A stable release (0.4) of Dynvoker will nevertheless take some more time.

The Dynvoker updates were motivated by the need to integrate it into a ТЕСЛА demo scenario. Unfortunately, even years after I've started using and reporting bugs against Mozilla XForms, it is still not available for Debian's Firefox variant called Iceweasel, nor is it free of bugs. In this case, SOAP4R doesn't like certain SOAP elements to be qualified, whereas Mozilla XForms doesn't like them to be unqualified. Dynvoker sits in between the service and the UI and cannot do anything about it.