As a researcher, I'm primarily less concerned with software development and instead more with looking at things which exist, see how they make sense, and if they help me achieving an innovation which makes certain problems go away. When the problem is then still not fully solved, and this fact blends in with free weekend time, my computers are still available for software development :-)

Today, I've been looking at how easy it would be to support the Open Collaboration Services as social programmable web interface to the GGZ Gaming Zone Community. As a result, there is some web service API available as optional adapter to GGZ Community, and an instance is running online. It supports the CONFIG service, and partially supports the PERSON and FRIEND services.

These were the easy parts. Anything fancy will require improvements to the OCS specification (see my suggestions sent to the mailing list) and further work on social gaming from the GGZ side. The latter will certainly also help with efforts such as gaming freedom.