We're proud to announce the latest revision of SPACEflight, the live demonstrator for the Internet of Services and Cloud Computing. The overall scope of the demonstrator can be seen from the picture below. We consider SPACEflight to be a platform for exploring and showcasing future emerging technologies. At its core, the SPACE service platform handles management and execution of heterogeneous services as a foundation for marketplaces. Services can be deployed, discovered, configured and contract-protected, delivered to clients with frontends, rated, executed with access control, monitored and adapted. SPACEflight integrates this platform into a self-running operating system with a pre-configured desktop environment, scenario workflows and scenario services.

Scope of the SPACEflight live demonstrator

In version 1.0 beta6, a first light-weight engineering and provisioning toolchain was added (USDL service description & WSAG service level agreement template editors, service package bundler with one-click deployment button), thus extending the demonstrateable service lifecycle considerably. Read about the added functionality in our wiki.

Furthermore, the base system was stabilised and the service discovery was optimised for high query and synchronisation performance through new SOAP extensions.

You can download the image (for USB sticks and KVM virtualisation on x86_64 architectures, other choices will follow soon). Furthermore, a Debian package repository is available for installing the constituent platform services and tools individually on existing systems. Find out more information and download links on the 1.0 beta6 release info page.

SPACEflight 1.0 beta6 Cover

This release certainly marks the most complete and high-quality integrated demonstrator of its kind. In total, more than 250 improvements have been applied over the previous version. The demonstrator has been presented in a conference presentation titled SPACEflight - A Versatile Live Demonstrator and Teaching System for Advances Service-Oriented Technologies at CriMiCo'11. Development is already continuing with the addition of more diverse service implementation technology containers.